Citrix Edgesight 5.4 – “EdgeSightData is not a valid short name” when uninstalling agent from Xenapp end point

Environment: Citrix Edgesight 5.4

Summary: Receiving error "EdgeSightData is not a valid short name" when uninstalling agent from a Citrix Xenapp end point.  Noted error codes in the event viewer, with event ID's 11325, and 1325

Troubleshooting Performed:  According to Microsoft, this seemed to be an MSInstaller issue ( , and per their own document — it looked like the only resolution was going to be to manually remove the Edgesight agent from the end point, and hack out all of the registry keys one by one ( .  If you need to do that, some have reported success by following (

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Citrix or Microsoft: Troubleshooting Process to Rule Out Citrix Xenapp

Often times when we get support calls for our Citrix Xenapp environments, our gut reaction is to be defensive and say that the problem could not possibly be Citrix.  With Microsoft, Networking, Storage, Databases, Printers, and Users all in the mix — there is plenty that could go wrong besides Citrix.  In reality, the problem could be Citrix related — or it might not be, so a scientific approach is warranted to make sure we properly rule components in or out based on hard data and facts.  In this article we'll talk about how you can rule out Microsoft, The Network, and Storage as the possible causes of your Citrix Xenapp issues.

Step 1 — Use Microsoft RDP APP Tool

By using the Microsoft RDP APP tool, we can take Citrix completely out of the picture, and determine if the problem still exists in a Microsoft only environment.  This is very useful, because it is a quick and simple way to show management or vendors where the problem is originating from.  If you deploy this tool and can't launch an application over RDP, then your problem is most likely originating from the Microsoft side.  Possible fixes could include hotfixes, configurations, or a call to your Microsoft TAM so you can get deep support.  If the RDP APP process works fine, then your problem is more likely to land on the Citrix side of the house.  Quite often, Citrix engineers will use this tool to determine cause before owning a case and working it.

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Citrix PVS 6.1 – HF19 – Console Crashing When Changing Vdisk from Private to Standard

Environment: Citrix Provisioning Server 6.1, Hotfix 19 — Running Server 2008, Xenapp 6.5 Vdisks.

Summary: Client reported that the PVS console was crashing when he switched the vdisk from private to standard mode.  This was consistently reproducible every time.  Unusual issue, because Hotfix 19 is supposed to correct most console crashing issues with Citrix Provisioning Server.

Troubleshooting performed: Gathered PVS Logs, and theorized that this could have been a MAPI error generated by KMS, possibly caused by permissions.  Recommended that the client follow CTX132995 to make sure the SOAP and Stream service accounts were properly configured.  Gave data reader and data writer access to the PVS service account in SQL as well as the console.

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Xenapp 6.5: Annoying Security Popups When Launching Applications

Microsoft GPO's are going to be the death of me.  Recently, after completing a migration to Xenapp 6.5 from an old 4.5 environment — we started to notice annoying security popups when users were launching applications.  These popups looked scary, and caused many calls to the help desk, even though the users could get past the warning by simply clicking on "Connect".  The exact text was:


"A website wants to start a remote connection.  The publisher of this remote connection cannot be identified.
This remote connection could harm your computer.  Do not connect unless you know where this connection came from or have used it before.
Publisher:                Unknown publisher
Type:                       Remote Desktop Connection
Remote computer:   MyServerName"

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Makes you proud to be a Citrix geek….

Know a friend or family member who you've had trouble describing what exactly it is you do with Citrix and Citrix products?  Show them this video…


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Troubleshooting Citrix Xenapp Seamless Display Issues


Seamless Configuration Settings for the Citrix Receiver for Windows

CTX127043 – Case Study: Troubleshooting Seamless Flag – Custom Application

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Harlem Shake – Citrix GoToMeeting Style!

This was too funny not to share.  If you use GoToMeeting with HD Faces (

Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days!

) for our online meetings, teleconferences, and troubleshooting sessions — You'll have a hard time keeping a straight face during your next call.  You'll be waiting for the mouse to pop out, and start doing the Harlem Shake!

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Citrix Personal vDisk: Troubleshooting and Fixing Misbehaving Applications

Background Info

At a client site recently I found myself troubleshooting an issue with an Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) application that was installed on the Windows 7 master image in a XenDesktop 5.6 environment utilizing Machine Creation Services (MCS) along with Personal vDisk (PvD). The client was getting very frustrated with Citrix XenDesktop since PvD was not saving their user’s settings and work they performed within the JDE application after either an administrator or the user restarted their VM. These particular users were developers and at times would code for hours or even days. So, losing days’ worth of work was not acceptable not to mention the main reason the client invested in Citrix XenDesktop was to utilize PvD in lieu of dedicated desktops to save on management and storage cost. For some reason Personal vDisk was not capturing everything they did within the JDE application. Yet, it was working as it should for all other applications. So, I went on a mission to find out why.

Although PvD is designed to intercept all I/O request, I found that it may not write some of those request to the PvD. But, instead it may direct those writes to the “C: drive” which in the case of this client was the MCS differencing disk. The Differencing Disk automatically gets overwritten by a snap shot of the Base VM every time a user Shutdowns there machine or a power command is sent from XenDesktop Director or Studio. Hence the JDE application settings are being overwritten.

Personal vDisk Troubleshooting and Update Process

Collect / Review Logs on VDA

One of the first steps in troubleshooting a PvD issue is to gather and review the logs on a Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) that is experiencing the issue. To do this:

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Top 25 Cloud Services: Hidden Profits!

Cloud Services are typically defined as software and services that are virtualized and delivered virtually from the cloud.  Cloud services reduce infrastructure management headaches, are scalable, and you only pay for what you use.  There is no need to make a huge investment up from for cloud services, and they are very small business friendly.  As we move further into the cloud era, you are going to see almost every software package virtualized and delivered from the cloud as companies get smart and find this as a new way to fatten the bottom line.

For micro to small businesses, Cloud offerings are extremely attractive because they are very affordable, and help you avoid hiring an IT staff of your own.  Most of the top 25 cloud offerings available today are available for between $10-60 per month, which is impossible to beat by deploying your own internal IT infrastructure.

Here are our 25 favorites:

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Secure FIle Sharing: It’s All Just Data In The Cloud…

Secure file sharing has been a niche for data in the cloud that has not been exploited well in the past.  Secure file sharing is obviously something that every business has a need for, but short of setting up a clunky FTP site and managing permissions manually — how do you do it? Many of us know large fortune 500 and 100 companies that are currently relying on software like Dropbox, which provided user friendliness and ease-of-use, but almost no security whatsoever. Time are definitely changing…

In today’s blog we’ll examine Sharefile, how it fits into the array of Cloud offerings Citrix currently has, and what the benefits are to users.  We’ve had an opportunity to play with it in the field recently, and we’ve put together a nice little review for everyone — Enjoy!

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