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Making a cheap home lab for Citrix Xenserver?

I’m often asked what a good cheap route is to make a home lab environment for Citrix Xenserver.  One way that I’ve done it is to combine Xenserver with VMWare Workstation.  You can install VMWare workstation on your desktop PC … Continue reading

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Memory leak with Xenapp 6.5 and Edgesight 5.4!

I’ve taken a couple of calls already from troubled clients who have experienced memory leaks with running Edgesight on Xenapp 6.5 servers.  On my most recent call, this only seemed to impact the Zone Data Collector, and not the other … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenapp over VMWARE Best practices

I’m sitting in a VMWare class this week, studying hard for my VCP exam, and I came across a good document I thought I would share with other Citrix Techs.  If you’re in a similar situation to mine, you’re noticing … Continue reading

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Considering moving your Citrix Xendesktop VDI’s from XP to Windows 7?

Have you been sticking with XP because you are putting off the pain and unknown consequences of upgrading your Citrix Xendesktop environment to Windows 7?  You’re probably not the only one fearing a lot of unknown issues you may encounter. … Continue reading

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Will Citrix Netscaler VPX replace Citrix Secure Gateway?

Citrix Secure Gateway is a product that has been around forever.  It serves a purpose very clearly by providing you with a cheap (free) way to secure your Citrix environment via SSL so that users can connect from the outside … Continue reading

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Desktop Virtualization Using Citrix XenClient and Intel Core vPro Processors

Full disclosure:  I am an INTEL shareholder! XenClient is a product that people have been buzzing about for awhile now.  I don’t have many clients using it yet, but it’s capability to completely transform the way we do desktop virtualization … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenserver in a single breath? Brilliant!

I’m not sure who put this video together, but it’s pretty impressive.  They demonstrate to a VMWare guy that Citrix Xenserver can be installed in the amount of time he can hold his breath under water. haha — Brilliant!   … Continue reading

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Error over RDP: The User Profile Service Failed the Logon

I ran into this one the other day, and the solution was so simple it threw my head for a spin.  Thought I would share it on the blog in case any other Citrix techs run into the same thing! … Continue reading

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Just when you thought you’d done it all with Citrix GoToMeeting!

    Someone takes things up a notch! This couple hosted their wedding over Citrix GoToMeeting with HDFaces, incorporating the webcam functionality that now comes standard with the product. Think about how much they saved by not having to buy dinner … Continue reading

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Should you attend Citrix Synergy?

Having been to Citrix Synergy a few times now, I can definitely provide an experienced opinion on this.  Synergy can cost you $1200+ depending on if you’ve been before or not, and should be considered a worthwhile investment in your … Continue reading

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