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Help! My Citrix Xendesktop VDA is Not Reporting In!!!

Citrix Xendesktop relies on a VDA, or virtual desktop agent to maintain communication with every virtualized desktop in the environment, and the associated desktop controller. One of the most common calls you may get regarding Xendesktop might be that your … Continue reading

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Autotask: Web Customer Service Software that Just Works!

As someone who has worked for Citrix Platinum providers, and Platinum partners — People ask me quite often what my favorite Web Customer Service Software is.  I think it’s important to mention that I have worked on all sorts of … Continue reading

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Virtualization: The Future Of Your Business

Ask one hundred people what virtualization means to the future of their business, and you’ll get a hundred answers.  Ask a hundred people what virtualization is, for that matter, and you’ll get a hundred answers.  The spellcheck on the PC … Continue reading

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Remote IT Support: Tools To Make It Easier!

In the old days of Remote IT Support, when a teleworker called into the help desk, I remember walking them through every step of how to uninstall & reinstall TCP/IP from memory on Windows 95.  Thankfully, I don’t work on … Continue reading

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Citrix EMR: Electronic Medical Records over Citrix – Best Practices for Citrix EMR

Citrix EMR implementations are becoming more and more popular. Probably over half of current Citrix environments are built to vend some sort of EMR application.  There are a number of considerations to be made before deploying a Citrix EMR solution, … Continue reading

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