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Remote IT Support: Tools To Make It Easier!

In the old days of Remote IT Support, when a teleworker called into the help desk, I remember walking them through every step of how to uninstall & reinstall TCP/IP from memory on Windows 95.  Thankfully, I don’t work on … Continue reading

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Citrix EMR: Electronic Medical Records over Citrix – Best Practices for Citrix EMR

Citrix EMR implementations are becoming more and more popular. Probably over half of current Citrix environments are built to vend some sort of EMR application.  There are a number of considerations to be made before deploying a Citrix EMR solution, … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenapp Logon Process Through Web Interface

This can be sort of confusing when logging in through a web interface that is configured to “Authenticate at the Web Interface”. First of all, that’s not what that setting means — When it’s clicked, it actually means that you’ll … Continue reading

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Citrix – Project Avalon is coming! Are you ready?

Project Avalon refers to the convergence of the Citrix Xenapp and Xendesktop products into a single unit.  Many have predicted this for a long time, and now it appears to be set to become reality in 2013.  If you didn’t … Continue reading

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Help! My Citrix Access Management Console Won’t Launch! Fails discovery…

Environment: Citrix Presentation Server 4.5, 5.0 – Windows Server 2003 Description: Access Management Console won’t launch, or launches but will not discover. This can happen a lot after a hot fix has been installed, or a roll-up pack. Process used … Continue reading

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Making a cheap home lab for Citrix Xenserver?

I’m often asked what a good cheap route is to make a home lab environment for Citrix Xenserver.  One way that I’ve done it is to combine Xenserver with VMWare Workstation.  You can install VMWare workstation on your desktop PC … Continue reading

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Memory leak with Xenapp 6.5 and Edgesight 5.4!

I’ve taken a couple of calls already from troubled clients who have experienced memory leaks with running Edgesight on Xenapp 6.5 servers.  On my most recent call, this only seemed to impact the Zone Data Collector, and not the other … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenapp over VMWARE Best practices

I’m sitting in a VMWare class this week, studying hard for my VCP exam, and I came across a good document I thought I would share with other Citrix Techs.  If you’re in a similar situation to mine, you’re noticing … Continue reading

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Considering moving your Citrix Xendesktop VDI’s from XP to Windows 7?

Have you been sticking with XP because you are putting off the pain and unknown consequences of upgrading your Citrix Xendesktop environment to Windows 7?  You’re probably not the only one fearing a lot of unknown issues you may encounter. … Continue reading

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Will Citrix Netscaler VPX replace Citrix Secure Gateway?

Citrix Secure Gateway is a product that has been around forever.  It serves a purpose very clearly by providing you with a cheap (free) way to secure your Citrix environment via SSL so that users can connect from the outside … Continue reading

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