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Citrix Profile Design and Considerations…

Profile design for Citrix implementations has been a hotly contested debate for some time.  Citrix consultants usually find themselves walking into a customer environment that was set up years before, and having to troubleshoot the current environment.  Because we often … Continue reading

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Citrix GoToMeeting – The best virtual meeting software!

As a Citrix consultant, I have worked with clients based all over the world.  In the modern age, it’s both unrealistic and unnecessarily expensive to require your Citrix support team to travel to your location in order to troubleshoot your … Continue reading

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Citrix Licensing Server: A Troubleshooting Process

Citrix licensing still isn’t perfect, but it’s gotten better with each revision.  Occasionally I still talk with Citrix Techs who run into licensing server issues with Citrix.  A Citrix license server may run fine for 5 years, and suddenly break … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenapp 6: Locked out of the Citrix Discovery Services Console!

If you’ve locked yourself out of the Citrix DSC, you’ve done the equivalent of locking your keys in the car while it’s running.  You may have done this inadvertently as a result of changing domains, or this could have happened … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenapp: Troubleshooting Printing Problems & Issues

For many years, printing has been the bane of the Citrix tech’s existence.  You work hard to put together a successful Citrix farm, carefully virtualizing applications and meeting user needs – but everything goes to pieces when the users try … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenapp: Applications Won’t Launch!

When applications won’t launch in Citrix Xenapp or Presentation Server, you can get a multitude of error messages.  Most are guaranteed to tell you little to nothing about the actual cause of the issue.  Sometimes the app will appear to … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenapp: Troubleshooting Slow Logons

In the world of Citrix Xenapp consulting, there is one call that you seem to get over and over again.  The client calls you and says that the farm you built for them last year is now taking 60+ seconds … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenapp: IMA, Why won’t you just START?

Working in the field of application virtualization as a Citrix consultant, problems with IMA sometimes are the bulk of my support calls. Citrix Xenapp is completely dependent on the IMA service.  When IMA fails to start on a server, it … Continue reading

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The birth of a new Citrix blog…

As a Citrix consultant in the application virtualization space, I’ve decided to start maintaining a blog to record some of the problem resolutions I come across in day-to-day life.  I’ve found that the documentation available from Citrix can sometimes be … Continue reading

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