Autotask: Web Customer Service Software that Just Works!

As someone who has worked for Citrix Platinum providers, and Platinum partners — People ask me quite often what my favorite Web Customer Service Software is.  I think it’s important to mention that I have worked on all sorts of service management software platforms over the years.  These have included Clarify, Remedy, Openview, Oracle, Siebel, etc.  In this article I will outline why Autotask is my favorite web customer service software bundle, and why you should use it.

1). Speed

Autotask is quicker than any other CRM software I have used.  Because it’s web based, and build on a very lightweight backbone – it comes up very quickly.  Being a web based customer service software package is key to being my first choice.

2). Ease of Use

Autotask is one of the easiest web based customer service solutions you can start out on.  Most new employees can be up and working in Autotask within a couple hours of training.  The interface is super intuitive, and very forgiving if you make a mistake.

3). Web Based – Remote Access!

Once again, because it is a true web based customer service software package, Autotask allows you to access it from anywhere.  If you are on the corporate lan, or sitting at home sipping a latte — You can access autotask with the click of a mouse, and zero software installation.

4). Employee time tracking is built in!

One of my favorite features of Autotask is that you don’t have to do anything special to track your time.  Once you open a ticket and put time into that ticket, it automatically tracks on your time card.  When you are done with your day, you can click on the time card option and easily add any time that was not accounted for on service tickets.  This is a great way to manage employee time, because it doesn’t require them to click through 6 separate applications.

5). Case Notes are Easy to Read!

Autotask is very easy to use when a customer calls back on an existing case.  You can simply open the case in question, and have COMPLETE case notes in from of you from every entry in the past.  Only minor clicking is required with autotask, and the data comes up quick because it is web based.  Customer service is impacted positively because the clients always feel you have a good grasp, and they can keep track of their cases on the web also!

6). No Infrastructure to Maintain

With other CRM apps, you’re going to have to maintain servers, and do application virtualization with Citrix Xenapp, etc.  With Autotask, it is all maintained on the company’s infrastructure for a pure web customer service software feel.  No muss, no fuss.

Some of the other reasons people like Autotask is because it is open source, part of a growing community that promotes web based customer service applications, and that it is easy to implement.  Another benefit of using Autotask, or any web based customer service app for that matter, is that it is very scalable.  If you have one engineer today, and 20 tomorrow — it’s very easy to provision access, and set up new users.

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