Case Study: Citrix SMA Service Failed To Start after Roll-up 7 install

I ran into an interesting case the other day with a client, so thought I would share it with the community.

Software: Presentation Server 4.5 (Roll up 5), Server 2003

Problem: Client complained of issue with installing roll-up pack 7 for presentation server.  He was upgrading from the roll-up 5 level.  After the install was completed for roll-up 7, his Citrix SMA service failed to start.  He got 2 different errors, one said to check the permissions on the account.  The other error said that the service started, but immediately stopped — possibly because it had nothing to do.

Resolution: Checked the services console and tried to start the Citrix SMA service manually, like the roll-up 7 guide tells you to do if you run into this problem.  It didn’t not start, so we looked a little deeper.  To test for a permissions problem on the service account associated with the SMA service, I flipped the log on to use “local service account”, and the service immediately started and stayed started.  Told client to recreate his service account, and verify permissions are correct.  Chances are you could run it on the local service account indefinitely, but I know there are some security concerns there (minor), so I recommended against that.

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