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Troubleshooting Xenserver Networking Problems….

Over the course of our time in the field spent working on Citrix Xenserver issues, we have encountered networking problems within Xenserver a few times.  These networking problems included symptoms like packet loss in VM to VM communications across a … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenserver 6.1 – New Features! Our favorites…

Citrix Xenserver has been a great hypervisor for many years now, and continues to get better with new features and benefits that come out with every revision.  Xenserver 6.1 is no exception as it packs some powerful new features that … Continue reading

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Making a cheap home lab for Citrix Xenserver?

I’m often asked what a good cheap route is to make a home lab environment for Citrix Xenserver.  One way that I’ve done it is to combine Xenserver with VMWare Workstation.  You can install VMWare workstation on your desktop PC … Continue reading

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Citrix Xenserver: Poolmaster is down or Crashed!

It’s 3 O’Clock in the morning, do you know where your Xenserver Poolmaster is? Your client calls you frantic, and you start a GoToMeeting to see what’s wrong. If it’s down, this could have been the result of a few … Continue reading

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