Citrix Edgesight 5.4 – “EdgeSightData is not a valid short name” when uninstalling agent from Xenapp end point

Environment: Citrix Edgesight 5.4

Summary: Receiving error "EdgeSightData is not a valid short name" when uninstalling agent from a Citrix Xenapp end point.  Noted error codes in the event viewer, with event ID's 11325, and 1325

Troubleshooting Performed:  According to Microsoft, this seemed to be an MSInstaller issue ( , and per their own document — it looked like the only resolution was going to be to manually remove the Edgesight agent from the end point, and hack out all of the registry keys one by one ( .  If you need to do that, some have reported success by following (

While it's possible that a complete manual uninstall of the agent may have worked, In this case, ultimate resolution came from uninstalling all of the related Edgesight Agent Hotfixes first before attempting to uninstall the agent.

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