Citrix Xenapp: Troubleshooting Slow Logons

In the world of Citrix Xenapp consulting, there is one call that you seem to get over and over again.  The client calls you and says that the farm you built for them last year is now taking 60+ seconds to launch a single application.  Everything was working fine for an extended period of time, but then something went wrong.  What could cause such an issue?

Winlogon Troubleshooting Steps

Before investing too much time in troubleshooting Citrix, be sure to log onto the Xenapp server via RDP to make sure that logons remain slow there as well.

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Citrix Xenapp: IMA, Why won’t you just START?

Working in the field of application virtualization as a Citrix consultant, problems with IMA sometimes are the bulk of my support calls. Citrix Xenapp is completely dependent on the IMA service.  When IMA fails to start on a server, it can really put a damper on your day.  Often we find ourselves asking why Citrix doesn’t just tell you what it means when there is a failure, because Citrix error messages and codes can border on the ridiculously generic.  You may encounter a variety of error messages.  These errors could range from IMA related errors in the event viewer on the server, to cryptic number code errors when trying to start the IMA service via the services console.  There are many reasons that IMA may crash, or choose not to start on a server.  For the purposes of troubleshooting Citrix Xenapp, we’ll cover a few of these basic reasons in today’s blog.

Reasons IMA may not start:

-          Heavy Load: Sometimes if there is heavy load on a database, it can take longer than the 6 minutes IMA is allotted to start.  In these rare cases, IMA may eventually start anyway, and therefore the failed error messages can be disregarded as benign.

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The birth of a new Citrix blog…

As a Citrix consultant in the application virtualization space, I’ve decided to start maintaining a blog to record some of the problem resolutions I come across in day-to-day life.  I’ve found that the documentation available from Citrix can sometimes be lacking, and there aren’t many people out there that see the many different scenarios of Citrix usage that I’m lucky enough to experience.  Fellow Citrix professionals should tune into my blog to stay on the cutting edge.

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