Remote IT Support: Tools To Make It Easier!

In the old days of Remote IT Support, when a teleworker called into the help desk, I remember walking them through every step of how to uninstall & reinstall TCP/IP from memory on Windows 95.  Thankfully, I don’t work on the help desk any longer, and even more thankfully — there are tools available to make the Remote IT Support job a lot easier these days.

No matter what type if virtualization solution you may have, you are still going to have to deal with some users.  Client issues are often forget in the world of virtualization, and unless you are running Citrix Xendesktop — you’re still going to have to plan for doing some remote IT support when the users call the help desk.

One of the leading tools for remote IT support these days is definitely Citrix GoToAssist (Try GoToAssist free for 30 days) — GoToAssist combined ease of use with end user friendliness for a seamless look and feel.  Citrix pioneered the remote IT support market over 10 years ago, and is the dominant leader of the remote IT support market today.  Check out their Synergy presentation from this year:

Just the other day, I was working when my grandmother called me from Deluthe.  She treats me like her personal remote IT support agent, and demanded that I fix her computer.  After years of being frustrated trying to walk her through commands, I decided I would just take keyboard and mouse over from her, and fix the problem myself using Citrix GoToAssist.  Grandma was happy, and her remote IT support engineer was happy also :)

Whether you are doing remote IT support for 10,000 desktops in your company, or your grandmother cross country in your spare time — Definitely give Citrix GoToAssist a look today.  GoToAssist has a track record of over 10 years of being the industry leader for Remote IT Support tools, and they have the best reputation in the virtualization support industry.

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