Should you attend Citrix Synergy?

Having been to Citrix Synergy a few times now, I can definitely provide an experienced opinion on this.  Synergy can cost you $1200+ depending on if you’ve been before or not, and should be considered a worthwhile investment in your Citrix career.  Most of the time your employer should pay for this small expense, but even if you have to go out-of-pocket, I highly recommend the investment.  When you compare the cost to some Citrix courses that can cost $5000+, you really can’t argue with the value that you receive by attending Citrix Synergy.

By attending Synergy, you’re going to gain attendence to a week’s worth of “break out sessions” which cover a wide variety of Citrix topics.  These sessions are mini-trainings provided by some of the biggest experts in the industry.  I’ve seen Citrix tech support sessions provided by some of the top escalation engineers at Citrix, and gained valuable knowledge that simply isn’t available anywhere else.  Through the break out sessions, I’ve been able to meet some of the industry experts like Brian Madden or Doug Brown.  These experiences definitely can’t have a price put on them.

In addition to the break out sessions, you will also have an unlimited opportunity for networking while at Synergy.  Most of this is done on the tradeshow floor, where various partners have booths set up to pitch their products and services.  By walking the floor with a pocket full of business cards, not only can you get your name out to countless other Citrix industry professionals, but you can make new friends that can open your eyes to new products and services that you never knew existed.

Beyond the trade show floor, networking and knowledge sharing events stretch into the evenings each night.  Most of the major vendors and partners have their own VIP after parties for clients and potential partners.  When networking on the tradeshow floor, be sure to ask about these events and you may be lucky enough to get an invitation.  By attending the after parties, you will gain valuable new relationships and get a definite edge over the competition.  It’s important to remember that people do business with people they like to hang around, and there’s no better way to decide if you’d like to do business with someone than to hang out and have a few drinks with them after hours.

Overall, my experiences at Citrix Synergy over the years are some of my most memorable.  Synergy is a great opportunity to mix work with play, and meet people you never thought you would.

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